ZIA's epic new album!

ZIA's Elaine Walker releases a deep space musical exploration!



    ZIA's 2011 CD Drum 'n' Space features all new songs and will be a delight for anyone interested in metatonal tunings. Elaine's music is always an inspiring and uplifting experience, and Drum 'n' Space is part of an epic space-rock-opera in the works. 

Here is the track listing and information:

ZIA - Drum 'n' Space - 2011

1 The Beginning (17edo)
2 Who Loves You Me (10edo)
3 Champagne (10edo)
4 Avatar (16edo)
5 Love Song (Bohlen-Pierce Scale)
6 Space Battle (19edo)
7 Love Is The Catylist (10edo)
8 Wormhole (19edo)
9 Greater Good (Bohlen-Pierce Scale)
10 Happiness (16edo)

Composed & Produced by Elaine Walker
Mastered by John Herrera at Clamsville Studios
Drums - The Beginning & Happiness by Mark Sandstorm
Glass track - Champagne by Tobias Enhus
Drums - Space Battle by David Suriano
Drums - Wormhole & Greater Good by Gary Vitagliano
Artwork by Tom Gordon

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